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What Are the Signs of Mania with Bipolar Disorder?

woman wonders about the signs of mania with bipolar disorder

Having a manic episode is not a disorder in and of itself but may be a part of a serious mental health condition called bipolar disorder. A manic episode is a period of elevated, expansive, or unusually irritable mood. People describe a manic mood as feeling euphoric, energized, and “on top of the world” during a manic episode.

Manic episodes can last anywhere from days to months at a time. During this period, an individual may act recklessly and display signs of paranoia or delusions. It is important to be aware of the signs of mania so that individuals with bipolar disorder can seek medical help as soon as possible.

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Common Signs of Mania in Bipolar Disorder

Mania can manifest in many different ways and vary from person to person. Here are some of the most common signs of mania with bipolar disorder:

  • Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity – This can include feeling invincible, believing one is a special person or has special powers, and thinking that the rules don’t apply to them.
  • Risky behaviors – Examples of risky behaviors include promiscuity, excessive spending, drug or alcohol abuse, and dangerous activities such as gambling and overworking.
  • Rapid speech patterns – An individual with bipolar disorder may have racing thoughts and speak quickly, jump from topic to topic, and may find it difficult to stay on task.
  • Restless energy – Individuals with bipolar disorder may experience increased physical activity, such as pacing or restlessness. They also may be more impulsive than usual.
  • Decreased need for sleep – Manic episodes can cause individuals with bipolar disorder to need significantly less sleep than normal. They may also have difficulty focusing or concentrating on tasks for long periods of time.

If you or a loved one is exhibiting signs of mania with bipolar disorder, seek help right away.

The Effects of Mania Symptoms

These symptoms will combine to significantly impact a person’s daily living. It might look like this:

  • Engaging in multiple projects with little planning or thought at the outset, finishing none of them
  • Working on these projects at all hours, with little regard for rest or sleep, and no regard for other responsibilities or obligations
  • Waking several hours earlier than usual, feeling full of energy, and perhaps going for days without sleep and not feeling tired
  • Acting impulsively, making risky decisions, and engaging in reckless activities without thinking of the consequences
  • Being easily distracted, jumping from one task to another, or talking endlessly without saying anything important
  • Feeling invincible, like nothing can stop you, believing you are more special or powerful than others.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. And you don’t need to face this on your own. Treatment can help you reclaim your story and live a balanced life. The most effective approaches typically incorporate therapy and medication. While it may be difficult to take the first step and seek help, doing so can make all the difference.

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