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Alumni Program in Florida

Board-Certified Christian Mental Health Treatment

Honey Lake Clinic has the right people to help you start your journey to wholeness. We’re ready to help. 

woman in sunlight outdoors in an alumni programThere’s power in community. When you have support and understanding, your journey to recovery is no longer one that you have to go alone. Even after your time in treatment is complete, having support can make a difference.

Our alumni program provides ongoing connection and support after you complete treatment. Known as the NET, our Christian alumni program promotes lasting recovery through virtual meetings and in-person experiences.

Our commitment to your long-term recovery begins with treatment and extends far beyond your time in our lakeside resort. Call 888.428.0562 to learn more.

Honey Lake Clinic’s Alumni Program: The NET

As a growing family of HLC alumni, the NET provides ongoing support after your in-person experience, encouraging each another in establishing and strengthening connections upward, inward, and outward.

Tuesday and Thursday Night Zoom Meetings

(Tuesdays 7 pm EST and Thursdays 9 pm EST)

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” – Philippians 1:6

The continuum of care is emphasized in your initial conversations with Honey Lake Clinic. While you are a patient at Honey Lake Clinic, the conversation continues with staff, encouraging you to take advantage of continued support and resources when you get home.

Our alumni program is emphasized during the weekend encounters that take place every three weeks. There is an alumni form each of our patients fills out with options to participate in various aspects of our alumni programming. Before you leave the on-resort experience, you will have the opportunity to get on a Zoom meeting and experience what we call the NET. Within three to five days of your discharge, you will hear from our alumni director, Pastor John Panico, who will offer support, encouragement, information, and more.

Discover What Our Alumni Say About the NET

“This group has stabilized me and has helped me grow in the grace of God and with each other. The biggest thing is when I am in those meetings in the presence of God and you all, I know that I AM A CHILD OF GOD. Even if I am tempted to give into thoughts that tell me otherwise, for those hours spent with you I am loved and am the beloved.”
– D.O. 2019

“The alumni meetings are a life saver. These alumni meetings allow your tie to Honey Lake to continue, while still being back in the “real world.” Not only that, but the Honey Lake experience is one no attendee ever will or wants to forget. So being able to connect with like-minded individuals who have experienced Honey Lake, just makes you feel sane. I am so grateful for this alumni group, as it allows me to continue growing my faith and relationship with Lord, as well as connect with more Honey Lake people and either help or be helped by them. It is a special community I hold near and dear to my heart.”
– C.D. 2019

“I want you to know that there is no better aftercare, in my opinion, than the Tuesday and Thursday night Zoom meetings. Without them, I would definitely not be in the place that I am today! I left Honey Lake in January of this year and for two to three weeks I struggled incredibly hard with my transition. In the months since, God has transformed my life. I know that God has huge plans for me. I believe that he is calling me into the ministry in some way related to my time at Honey Lake, serving fellow graduates.”
– G.S. 2020-21

Reach Out to Honey Lake Clinic for an Alumni Program That Makes a Difference

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If you or someone you love needs mental health or addiction resources, please call one of our caring, admissions counselors now at 888.428.0562 for a free, no-obligation and confidential conversation about how Honey Lake Clinic can help.