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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Board-Certified Christian Mental Health Treatment

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a person comforts a patient during a marijuana addiction treatment programMarijuana, also known as cannabis or weed, is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. While legalization efforts, both for medical and recreational use, have gained momentum in recent years, marijuana still carries a high potential for abuse and addiction. It’s often seen as a less harmful drug than others, but addiction to marijuana is real, and especially for those with co-occurring mental health conditions, it can have serious consequences. At Honey Lake Clinic, our addiction treatment programs for adults help patients find lasting freedom from marijuana use and build a strong foundation for recovery in mind, body, and spirit. 

Learn more about our faith-based approach to addiction treatment by calling 888.428.0562 today. Our compassionate admissions team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you or your loved one start the journey to healing.  

Understanding Marijuana Addiction 

Marijuana contains a psychoactive compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which produces feelings of relaxation and euphoria when ingested. While some people may use marijuana occasionally without developing an addiction, others may develop a dependence on the drug, experiencing intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop using. Frequent marijuana use can also lead to increased tolerance, requiring people to use more and more of the drug to achieve the desired effects.  

There is also a link between marijuana use and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis. In some cases, those struggling with underlying mental health conditions may turn to marijuana as a means of self-medication, leading to co-occurring disorders that require comprehensive and individualized treatment.  

Signs of Marijuana Addiction 

One of the reasons why the myth that marijuana is not addictive persists is because it doesn’t produce obvious physical withdrawal symptoms like other drugs do. However, marijuana use can still lead to psychological dependence, even if it doesn’t produce the same kind of chemical dependence as substances like alcohol or opioids. Signs that someone may be struggling with marijuana addiction include:  

  • ol]:!pt-0 [&>ol]:!pb-0 [&>ul]:!pt-0 [&>ul]:!pb-0″ value=”2″>Difficulty cutting back or stopping use despite negative consequences  
  • ol]:!pt-0 [&>ol]:!pb-0 [&>ul]:!pt-0 [&>ul]:!pb-0″ value=”4″>Isolating from loved ones and activities they used to enjoy in favor of using marijuana  
  • ol]:!pt-0 [&>ol]:!pb-0 [&>ul]:!pt-0 [&>ul]:!pb-0″ value=”6″>Using marijuana in dangerous or risky situations, such as driving under the influence  

Using marijuana with other substances, such as alcohol or prescription medications, can also increase the risk of addiction. Ultimately, if someone feels like they can’t control their marijuana use and it’s negatively impacting their life, it may be a sign of addiction. 

Our Approach to Marijuana Addiction Treatment 

There is hope for those struggling with marijuana addiction. At Honey Lake Clinic, our faith-based approach to addiction treatment focuses on addressing the underlying issues that contribute to substance use and building a strong foundation for lasting recovery. Our marijuana addiction treatment program may include:  

  • ol]:!pt-0 [&>ol]:!pb-0 [&>ul]:!pt-0 [&>ul]:!pb-0″ value=”2″>Group therapy – Our group sessions provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment for patients to connect with others in recovery, learn from each other, and build healthy relationships.  
  • ol]:!pt-0 [&>ol]:!pb-0 [&>ul]:!pt-0 [&>ul]:!pb-0″ value=”4″>Recreational therapy – Art therapy, an equine program, and other recreational activities help patients engage in healthy hobbies and explore their emotions.  
  • On our sprawling lakeside resort-style facility in northwest Florida, patients are surrounded by the beauty of creation as they focus on healing and recovery.  

    Call Honey Lake Clinic Today to Reclaim Your Story 

    If you or your loved one is struggling with marijuana addiction, our compassionate and experienced team at Honey Lake Clinic can provide the support and resources needed to overcome addiction and build a fulfilling life in recovery. Reach out to us at 888.428.0562 or contact us online to learn more about our marijuana addiction treatment program—we’re available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you take the first step.