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True Stories of Real Transformation

Watch how chains were broken and lives have been changed!

Andre shares, “Honey Lake has shown me that the missing link in my life the last 14 years has been God.”

“As a pastor, I was busy taking care of other people and I never took time to stop and take care of myself.” Steve continues on to share his story of recovery. You don't want to miss this testimonial, God is a healing God!

Hannah shares her Honey Lake Story. “I have made more moves in my 40 days of treatment and recovery than I have in the past 10 years.”

“Honey Lake Clinic has been the very best decision I have ever made in my life.” Check out the rest of Tim's testimony.

Being at Honey Lake, I now have the courage and tools that I need to return to my life and family.

Heather shares the journey of finding herself again through treatment at Honey Lake Clinic.

Immediately when I came through the gate (at Honey Lake) I felt a peace and a calm about me and it was the Lord

Dakota shares how Honey Lake Clinic changed his life. “I have never had such an excitement for life..I am incredibly grateful for my stay at Honey Lake.”

Haddon shares his Honey Lake Clinic story. “I was given all the tools I needed to turn from an addict and lost person into a man after God's own heart.”

Craig says from a pastor’s point of view that God knew exactly what he needed. He shares his story that through the Honey Lake community he slowed down enough to work through his depression and anxiety.

Steve shares his Honey Lake Clinic story and his powerful testimony of finding his identity in Christ.

Sophia shares what made her Honey Lake Clinic stay so impactful in her life.

“My story has a purpose and a plan throughout all this pain.” This is the hope within Tayte’s story of healing.

Mike was a police officer for 25 years. Through his stay at Honey Lake clinic he was able to work through his PTSD through individualized treatment.

Kelly shares how group sessions and weekend encounter experiences at Honey Lake made a huge impact in her healing process.

Shaquell shares her testimony and how Honey Lake changed her life.

Jeremiah describes his experience as “There is love in this place.”

Haley talks about the family and connections she made with others while at Honey Lake Clinic that helped her through her healing process.

Jessica shares her story how Honey Lake saved her life through treatment of mind, body, and spirit.

God showed David how to be the person that He created him to be. Watch to hear the rest of his story.

David talks about his stay at Honey Lake and how the healing he found here led to a renewal in his marriage.

Dawn has journeyed from depression to finding joy in her life again.

Angela learned to reframe her thoughts with scripture and practical logic through her stay at Honey Lake. Watch to hear the rest of her story!

Chelsi talks about the hope that God gave her at Honey Lake Clinic. A true transformational miracle.

Aaron discusses the different ways of healing at Honey Lake Clinic and the impact it made on his life.

God replaced Tre's anger with forgiveness. You need to hear him talk about this #transformation.

Tyson journeyed from drugs to detox and broken to beautiful. Watch the story to see the change!

Rested, revived and relaxed! That's Constance's story. Enough said, but worth the watch!

Seth discusses his experience at Honey Lake Clinic and how it helped heal him.

Brent about how Honey Lake Clinic was the most significant 30 days of his entire life.

Teresa tells her story of winning the battle against depression through Jesus Christ.

David shares his testimonial and how much God healed him at Honey Lake Clinic.

Erin shares her testimonial and how Honey Lake changed her perspective about her pain.

Casey talks about his stay at Honey Lake and how the ultimate way to heal is to find your identity in Jesus.

Scott shares his Honey Lake Clinic story and his thoughts with this powerful testimonial.

Personal Handwritten Testimonials
From Our Transformed Patients

Personal Handwritten Testimonials From Our Transformed Patients

  • Heather Smith

    A refreshment of the soul.

    Heather Smith
  • Jimmy

    From depression to deliverance, Jimmy' life is a true story of the hopeless now being hopeful.

  • Paul

    Read how chains of addiction were broken while a weary life was rebuilt. #bestdecisionever

  • David

    David's 'Christ-centered timeout' at Honey Lake Clinic has propelled him right back into the game.

  • Catie

    A great place (amenities) and great people (therapists) always add up to an unforgettable experience.

  • Kari

    A life of abuse has now changed into a life of amazement. God has refreshed, renewed, & restored!

  • Anonymous

    Want to get away from a stressful environment to a safe place with people who love and care for you?

  • Taryn

    Honey Lake Clinic gave Taryn an 'amazing & life-changing' month. Would you like one too?

  • Wyatt

    Finding a good place with great people is half the battle won. Wyatt can testify to that!

  • Sarah

    We've all got problems but a good break will help handle them better, as Sarah did!