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Treatment Programs in Florida

Board-Certified Christian Mental Health Treatment

Honey Lake Clinic has the right people to help you start your journey to wholeness. We’re ready to help. 

ProgramsThe Christian mental health and substance use disorder treatment programs at Honey Lake Clinic are designed to help our patients reclaim their stories. Through personalized treatment rooted in Biblical principles with a focus on the whole person, our programs equip individuals with the spiritual and emotional tools they need to sustain long-term sobriety and recovery.

In scenic, world-class accommodations, our Greenville, FL, lakeside resort offers a variety of integrated treatment modalities and programs that can be customized according to the individual needs of each resident. From residential programs that help individuals build a strong foundation for recovery to aftercare to support the transition back to everyday life, the comprehensive care we provide helps those in our care achieve their God-given potential.

Reach out to our team at 888.428.0562 to learn more about how our Christian treatment programs can provide a path to wholeness.

Our Programs

The cornerstones of our treatment programs include:

  • A Christ-centered environment
  • Support from your peers
  • Structure
  • A curriculum developed by our experts

Mood Disorder Programs

Mood disorders like depression or bipolar disorder can feature symptoms that make it difficult to keep up with everyday life. Our Christian mood disorder treatment programs offer evidence-based care in the peace of our lakeside resort.

Addiction Programs

If a substance use disorder is making it difficult to live a full and meaningful life, our evidence-based addiction programs will equip you with the tools needed for long-term recovery. There’s no shame or judgment here. By helping patients re-engage their faith and discover renewed purpose, our addiction programs help individuals from all walks of life reclaim their stories.

Dual Diagnosis

Mental health conditions and substance use disorders can be inextricably linked. For many, substance use is a way to find short-term relief from the symptoms of mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, but the cycle of masking the underlying issues can become more damaging over time. Our dual diagnosis program provides comprehensive treatment that addresses both conditions simultaneously and sets our patients up for lasting success.

Adolescent Program

Our program for adolescent girls in need of mental health treatment features a wide range of therapies and services to help young women reclaim their stories. The teens in our care live in a separate residence and receive care that can help them heal in body, mind, and spirit.

Alumni Program

Known as the NET, our alumni program involves virtual meetings twice a week as well as opportunities for weekend encounters to provide ongoing support, education, and fellowship. The NET helps individuals in recovery come together with those who understand their struggles and build lasting relationships to support each other.

Alumni Refresher Program

Our 12-day refresher program is designed to give alumni of Honey Lake Clinic’s programs a boost when they need it most. This program helps individuals revisit what they’ve learned both in treatment and beyond so they can continue to develop important skills and maintain long-term recovery.

Call Honey Lake Clinic for Christian Programs That Help You Reclaim Your Story

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Our Christian mental health and substance use disorder programs are designed to help you reach your God-given potential. Through personalized treatment rooted in Biblical principles, our Greenville, FL, treatment programs will equip you with the spiritual and emotional tools needed for sustained recovery.

Call us at 888.428.0562 to learn more about our programs, our approach to treatment, our peaceful lakeside resort, and more. We look forward to helping you reclaim your story and start living with purpose.