Your Admission to Honey Lake Clinic:
The #1 Christian Mental Health
Program in the United States

Your Admission to Honey Lake Clinic: The #1 Christian Mental Health Program in the United States

Seeking treatment and starting the admissions process can be
intimidating. At Honey Lake Clinic, our experienced and caring staff
will guide you through your entire treatment process, admission
to discharge. We are here to help you.

Seeking treatment and starting the admissions process can be intimidating. At Honey Lake Clinic, our experienced and caring staff will guide you through your entire treatment process, admission to discharge. We are here to help you.

Call now and speak with an admissions
counselor confidentially.

Call now and speak with an admissions counselor confidentially.

Your Arrival

You will arrive at Honey Lake Clinic via one of three methods—transported by Honey Lake staff, by a family member or a friend, or having driven yourself.

If you’re transported by one of our staff members, they will deliver you to our security office where one of our Direct Care Technicians will begin the admissions process.

If a family member or friend provides you a ride to Honey Lake Clinic, you will be stopped at our security office where a Direct Care Technician will greet you and your ride, introduce themselves, and assist you in saying goodbye so you can get settled in.

If you’ve driven yourself to Honey Lake Clinic, you will be directed by security to park your car at the church. A Direct Care Technician will meet you at the church and transport you and your belongings to our security office. Your car keys will be placed in your patient’s lock box—you will not be allowed to access your vehicle without security being present for the duration of your stay.

Your Person and Belongings

One of the practices that we perform in compliance with benchmark industry standards is a search of all patients and their belongings upon arrival. Honey Lake Clinic seeks to be a best-in-class facility and, as such, we need to have a full awareness of all items that are brought onto the campus by our patients. We perform searches during the intake process.

Your luggage will be searched in one room by a technician while you will be accompanied into the restroom by a nurse of your gender to be searched. You will be asked to disrobe. The nurse will not touch you, but will need to observe you to ensure that you are not bringing in anything that is potentially harmful to you or to others. If you have no contraband under your clothes, this will last only a couple seconds.

We apologize for this inconvenience and intrusion, but hope that you understand our need to be good stewards and protect those who are coming here for healing in a secure, safe, and trusting environment. This is for your safety and well-being as well as for all of our patients and staff members.

Your Assessment

A comprehensive bio-psycho-spiritual evaluation is conducted by members of your care team to assess your physical, medical, psychiatric, psychological, emotional, social, familial, occupational, and spiritual resources, needs, and issues.

Your Care Team

You will have already met one of our Direct Care Technicians, as he or she escorted you onto our campus and through the initial welcome and inventory of your belongings. Next, this DCT will accompany you to an assessment area. They will begin the intake process by taking and recording your vital statistics and vital signs for your file—your height, weight, pulse, blood pressure, and so on. They may administer a urine drug screen and breath-alcohol test.

You’ll also meet one of our Registered Nurses, who will complete your nursing assessment and medical verification forms, ensuring all of your accompanying paperwork is in order. The RN will then speak to your Provider to request admission orders for you. The RN will give you a rundown of what to expect in the coming days and assign you a room.

While you’re working with the RN, one of our Licensed Practical Nurses will begin communicating with our psych and therapy team members, alerting them to your presence on campus. Your LPN will receive any medications and supplements you’ve brought with you, ensuring they are processed through our medication verification procedures.

Once you’ve been assessed and your admission orders have been verified, the RN will introduce you to someone in Guest Services who will give you a tour, familiarize you with our campus and its amenities, and help you find and get you settled comfortably into your room.

On your first day, depending on the time of your arrival, you will be introduced to your Primary Therapist, who will be a licensed PhD or Master’s level psychotherapist. He or she will continue your comprehensive behavioral health assessment.

Within 24 hours, our Psychiatrist will complete the psychiatric portion of your assessment and collaborate with your treatment team to determine your individualized treatment plan. This will include therapy and, if needed, further medical tests or medications.

Your Team. Your Treatment.
Your Success

Your Team. Your Treatment. Your Success

During your entire stay, your treatment team of doctors, psychologists, holistic therapists and practitioners will meet frequently together to focus on your individual treatment program. Your team will be constantly adjusting your individual care for maximum effectiveness to ensure you get the most out of your time with us.

Your Privacy

You can be sure that your admission to Honey Lake Clinic is a matter of complete privacy and confidentiality. Your dignity and privacy are key to us at Honey Lake Clinic. Several principles guide us in this area:

  1. Confidentiality is our obligation. As licensed behavioral health care professionals, we are mandated by HIPAA laws to comply with the highest standards of confidentiality to ensure the privacy of each of our patients. We run the risk of incurring significant fines if we breach confidentiality without proper cause.
  2. Beyond the laws of our land, our Christian faith compels us to maintain relational integrity and uphold the covenants that we enter into with you as we strive to honor God and others.
  3. As health care professionals, we have many years of experience in dealing with very sensitive, private, and delicate information. We take oaths, such as the Hippocratic Oath, to ethically maintain confidentiality unless acute safety is at risk.

Your Personal Electronic Devices

Honey Lake Clinic allows our patients to bring their electronic devices with them to the clinic to be able to keep in touch with family and friends and handle any work-related items. As most electronics have cameras or recording devices, it is our responsibility at Honey Lake Clinic to uphold HIPAA laws and guarantee each individual complete privacy and safety while at our facility. Patients may only use their electronic devices during free time and in their room. As part of your admission, you will sign a contract acknowledging and agreeing to our electronics policy.

If you or someone you love needs mental health or addiction resources, please call one of our caring counselors now for a free, no-obligation and confidential conversation about how Honey Lake Clinic can help.

At Honey Lake, we’re committed to providing you with compassionate care and the practical equipping necessary to significantly improve the condition which brought you to our program. A faith-informed model, experienced staff, licensed professional caregivers, individualized treatment—all in a beautiful and tranquil 650-acre lakeside setting—we’re here for you.