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7 Questions to Ask a Depression Treatment Center

7 Questions to Ask a Depression Treatment Center

If you are considering entering a treatment program for depression there are many questions to ask. To help you bridge the gap between thinking about treatment and getting treatment, we’ve listed seven important questions you’ll want to explore with potential treatment centers—

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1 – What type of depression does the program treat?
An important starting point is determining whether a treatment center currently and/or historically has had success in dealing with your specific type of depression. You should do your best to detail specific information on your diagnosis and describe your current depressive symptoms. This will aid you in determining which treatment center is best suited to meet your individual treatment needs.

2 – What type of care does the rehab center offer?
Typically, the first decision on type of care is inpatient versus outpatient. Do they offer inpatient care? What is involved in the way of meals, lodging and around the clock care? Do they offer outpatient care? What does that look like? Where is it located? And again, what will be best for you? Is this a fit?

3 – Is there a faith component in the treatment they offer?
This question is very important. At Honey Lake Clinic, we strongly believe faith-based treatment, encompassing your spiritual, physical and mental health, provides people with the long-lasting tools and knowledge needed to break depression’s grip. While many programs give lip service to spirituality or divine power, Honey Lake Clinic will help you re-engage your faith and spirituality as an integral part of recovering health and wholeness.

4 – Are medical and psychiatric evaluation and treatment for co-existing or underlying conditions a part of the program?
Like the faith component, addressing the physical and psychological elements of your depression are vitally important. Do the programs you’re considering offer holistic care which encompasses mind, body and spirit?

5 – Is there opportunity for me to learn life skills?
Depression can have many triggers. Many of the factors which have contributed to your depression will be waiting to confront you when treatment is complete. As part of a holistic approach, mind, body and spirit, learning and practicing life skills which lead to better thinking and decision making going forward is very important.

6 – What amenities does the facility offer for your loved one?
This one may sound like it’s less important. Don’t misunderstand—amenities can serve the larger purpose of your recovery and health. Nature walks, a swim in a pool, a workout in the gym, nutrition—the list can be lengthy. Ask.

7 – What happens after the treatment program ends?
Does a treatment center offer options for clients to continue and build upon their recovery with aftercare programs? If you’re treated in an inpatient program, are there options for outpatient care moving forward? What kind of support can you expect as you return to your life and routines?

We understand this can be overwhelming. We’d like to help you think through these questions and find the right answers. You can have a confidential conversation with a certified counselor, right now. Please call Honey Lake Clinic at (844) 747-7772.

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