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Does Diet Affect Depression?


When thinking about all the reasons someone could be depressed, we often think of trauma, decreased self-worth, decision regret or other psychological troubles. What many don’t focus on is exercise or diet. But, wait a minute…diet affects depression? How?


How Diet Affects Depression

Recent studies have found that a change in diet affects depression. But how so? Well, quite simply, as positive changes in diets were made, depression decreased.

On top of that, diets that contain high refined sugar content have been proven to impair cognitive function and mood. These studies have been done throughout the world on different ages and genders and even legitimatized nutritional psychiatry.

Why Diet Affects Depression

Diet Affects Depression

Okay, so you now know that depression is affected by diet. But, why does diet affect depression? According to Harvard Health:

  • Your brains require 24/7 fuel (calories). When you are sleeping your brain is burning off the fuel that is gathered from food. Like a powerful car engine you can only get the premium fuel or suffer consequences.
  • 95% of serotonin is produced in your gastrointestinal tract. This means the vast majority of the chemicals that make you feel joy originate from what you eat.
  • The gastrointestinal tract contains about 100 million neurons that directly go from your gut to your brain.

Dieting For Depression
Diet Affects depression b12

At Honey Lake Clinic, we make sure to eliminate all proven foods that can affect your depression and have seen miraculous results, weight loss aside. These include:

  • Alcohol: Increases depression and anxiety by depleting serotonin
  • Caffeine: Increases anxiety and depression by lowering your serotonin and also depletes sleep quality.
  • Refined and Processed Foods: These foods increase blood pressure, promote fat storage and causes crashes after giving you a momentary energy boost.

But also, adding these foods into your diet that we offer at Honey Lake will help:

  • B12 and Folate: These vitamins give you energy without a crash, foods containing these are almonds, spinach, chicken, beets and fish
  • Omega-3’s: These fatty acids promotes brain functions from cognition to mood some foods containing these are nuts, cod and salmon.
  • Vitamin D: A vitamin D deficiency can decrease mood. Start your day right with cereals, juices and milk.

However, making sure to eat the right foods is getting more and more difficult with deceptive packaging and normalizing of poor food choices in the west. A move to a Mediterranean or a Japanese diet affected risk of depression by 25-30%.

Honey Lake Clinic is continually making diet an important factor of our robust treatment plan. We have even started to grow our own healthy food! Check out our very own Organic Garden.

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment, find out how to renew yourself spiritually, physically and mentally and give us a call.

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