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How to Choose the Right Treatment Center

How to Choose the Right Treatment Center

Your loved one needs treatment for alcoholism.

Where do you start? Who do you call?

What do you need to know? To look for? Picking the right treatment center, offering the best detox, environment and care can be quite a daunting task.

Stopping by this site and reading this post is a great first step.

We understand what you’re going through. We can help.

Have a confidential conversation with a certified counselor, right now. Please call us at (888) 837-6577.

Alcohol rehab programs come in all different shapes and sizes, designed for different types of people with differing needs.

You don’t want to guess.

And you don’t want to settle on the first option you find.

Do a little research. Analyze your loved one’s specific situation—how their physical, psychological and spiritual situations play into or have been affected by their alcohol abuse—and compare how different treatment centers will address these needs.

  • A doctor is a good place to start. He or she can help you determine the level of care your loved one needs and refer you to some quality programs.
  • A referral service where treatment professionals conduct a telephone assessment of the specific situation and make referrals is another good option.
  • You can also look up treatment centers on your own. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has a list of treatment providers that may help.

If you would like our help in thinking through options and possibilities, call us at (844)747-7772.

A certified counselor can assist you right now.

What questions should you ask in choosing the right rehab center?

  • What type of detox does your loved one need? Medical detox? Supervised detox? What kind of detox does the rehab center you’re considering offer? Is it a good match?
  • What type of care does your loved one need? Inpatient? Outpatient? What type of care does the rehab center offer?
  • Is treatment at the facility adaptable and customizable to your loved one’s specific needs?
  • Is there a faith component in the treatment they offer? And is it integrated into the regular course of therapy, or treated as an elective?
  • Is psychiatric evaluation and treatment for co-existing or underlying conditions a part of the program?
  • What are their credentials? Are the caregivers licensed or masters level and above? In what fields of study are their degrees? Their specialties? And how comfortable does the staff make you feel?
  • What amenities does the facility offer for your loved one? What does he or she need?
  • How much does the program cost? Are there any hidden fees? Do they work with my insurance? What are the co-pays and what goes towards my deductible?
  • How many days is the program and what is the usual length of stay?
  • Is there opportunity for my loved one to learn life skills?
  • Will staff help my loved one incorporate a fallback plan as a part of relapse prevention?
  • Does the facility offer a stepdown process to help my loved one test their skills in a supervised but less restricted setting before coming home?

“The biggest mistake families make when it comes to getting their
loved one into residential alcohol rehab is not acting soon enough.”

–Dr. Karl Benzio, Co-Founder and Chancellor, Honey Lake Clinic and Director of Excellence in Christian Psychiatry, Honey Lake Clinic

How to choose the right addiction treatment center

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