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Dr. Karl Benzio

Board-Certified Christian Mental Health Treatment

Honey Lake Clinic has the right people to help you start your journey to wholeness. We’re ready to help. 

Karl Benzio, MD, is a Christian psychiatrist who is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Karl has held several health system clinical director and management positions to infuse his unique integration of spiritual faith with science to treat thousands. In addition, he writes, consults, and serves as a frequent media guest expert and conference speaker addressing the impact of a wide range of behavioral health issues and how to bring God’s healing to individuals, families, society, and social policy issues.

headshot of dr. karl benzio

Dr. Karl Benzio

Co-Founder and Medical Director
Director of Excellence in Christian Psychiatry

Education and Expertise

  • B.S.E. in biomedical engineering with a focus on central nervous system imaging from Duke University
  • M.D. from Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School
  • Psychiatric residency at UC–Irvine

Dr. Benzio’s expertise is psychological and spiritual principles in decision-making sciences with its endless application to every facet of psychological health and functioning for individuals, families, communities, and our society.

Bio-Psycho-Spiritual Philosophy

Combining his training with experiences as a physician (body), psychiatrist (mind), devoted follower of Christ (spirit), biomedical engineer (brain circuitry), and sinner who used to drink to excess, Dr. Karl developed a unique cutting-edge bio-psycho-spiritual model focusing on the spiritual discipline of decision-making, the SPEARS tool. This tool not only reveals the cause of behavioral health concerns, but also unpacks and clarifies the spirit-mind-body treatment for all our psychological and spiritual struggles so we can access the psychospiritual healing and awakening Jesus taught, role-modeled, and died for so we could be blessed with.

Professional Highlights and Unique Activities

  • Practicing psychiatrist since 1990 who has been blessed to help tens of thousands directly find healing and to learn so much from so many patients and colleagues
  • The first psychiatrist invited by the Iraqi Minister of Health into post-Hussein Iraq to lead a multidisciplinary team to consult and teach decision-making and treatment curriculum to Muslim Iraqi national healthcare providers and Christian churches even though his curriculum is Christian
  • Led a team facilitating healing workshops to mentors and children who were traumatized and tortured victims of Joseph Kony’s ruthless abuses in Uganda and Sudan
  • Expert testimony for the U.S. President’s Bioethics Committee and numerous state legislatures on various social policy issues, including the right of conscience, physician-assisted suicide, same-sex marriage issues, gender identity issues, pro-life issues, the opioid epidemic, suicide, and other behavioral health complexities
  • Karl’s “Life Change Radio Minute” airs daily on over 425 radio stations.
  • Writes the unique Stepping Stones Daily Devotional impacting many around the world
  • Led behavioral health committee of the Bucks-Mont Katrina Relief Effort, where our county in PA adopted Katrina-devastated Hancock County, MS, providing several millions of dollars financially and countless hours of professional and labor services over several years. Effort recognized by U.S. Congress and Salvation Army for his efforts and as a template for aid in future catastrophes
  • Serves on Focus on the Family’s Physician Resource Council
  • Consultant to the White House regarding faith-based initiatives and solutions for societal issues
  • Pennsylvania State Director of the American Academy of Medical Ethics from 2010 to 2019

Dr. Karl Benzio’s Mission

Dr. Karl passionately continues the behavioral health revolution that Jesus—the Great Physician and Wonderful Counselor—started, revealing science’s validation of the Bible, showing that the Bible has the answers for healing our minds and transforming our lives, and helping Christians become lighthouses so others would see and experience God’s power, love, forgiveness, grace, and peace through Biblical living.

Current Professional Activity

Dr. Karl currently serves as the co-founder and medical director of Honey Lake Clinic, a unique, fully Christian-owned and staffed subacute behavioral health residential treatment resort healing mood, anxiety, trauma, and dual diagnosis issues using cutting-edge depth and the integration of psychological, spiritual, and biological interventions in a 30-90 day treatment course in an idyllic and peaceful setting.

Personal Life

Most importantly, Karl loves Jesus and the Bible, has been married to his best friend, Martine, for 28 years, and is a father to 3 incredible daughters: Dominique, 27 (husband Adam), Nicole, 25 (husband Connor), and Gigi, 19. Dr. Karl loves to travel, watch psychologically intriguing TV shows/movies, learn anything about decision-making, and cheer on his favorite sports teams, especially Pittsburgh and Duke teams.