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Alumni Schedule

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Alumni Schedule

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Here is our full  Zoom meeting schedule for this week! For each meeting go to, hit “Join Meeting”, and type in the meeting number and passwords below: 

Every Tuesday night we have alumni (sometimes all the way back from 2017) from all over the United States jump on this meeting where we review things we learned, look at new material, and have gender specific breakout groups helping us to receive support AND expand  our squad.
This Week’s Topic: To Heal the Broken Hearted
Meeting ID: 854 9463 9486
Passcode: Lifeline

Topic: Practice with the 4 Step Solution and taking thoughts captive
Meeting ID:847 8392 9503
Passcode: Lifeline

Topic: Challenges Moving Forward
Meeting ID:82890693640
Passcode: Lifeline

This is a peer led group by alumni Dean Schmanke who God has burdened with a heart for intercession. This is a great opportunity to pray for one, another, as well as staff and the mission of HLC!
Meeting ID: 846 4368 5173
Passcode: Lifeline

And here are the 2 Youversion Devotionals we are starting this week!

Sign up today for one (or both) of our Youversion devotionals starting this week on 6/19

1. Be Still: A Simple Guide To Quiet Times
You can sign up by clicking on the following link:

2. What’s Here Now?
You can sign up by clicking on the following link:

You can also text us your choice(s) to 561-500-2232 or “friend” Honey Lake Victors on the Youversion app and you will get the invites weekly to make choice!

Also you can stay connected with alumni as well as receive resources and announcements by joining:

We can’t wait to connect with you, and if there is anyway we can pray, serve, or support you please reach out to us (561) 500-2232.