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Fentanyl vs. Heroin: Similarities and Differences

Fentanyl vs. Heroin: Similarities and Differences

Fentanyl and Heroin, though both derivatives of morphine, have a number of important differences.

Similar But Different

Fentanyl is a narcotic analgesic used to treat severe pain. It is a synthetic opiate available through prescription from a medical doctor in the form of a patch, a pill, and for some patients, even as a lollipop. The drug is more potent than the largest dosage of morphine, so patients who have been prescribed Fentanyl must carefully observe the recommended dosage set by their doctor. The danger is that fentanyl gives users a powerful high their brains can start to crave.

Heroin is a dangerous street narcotic derived from the seed pods of poppy plants. Heroin users can smoke it, snort it, or inject it directly into their blood stream through various parts of the body. Addiction and other long-term health problems commonly result from heroin use and overdose are common. Heroine is illegal in the United States.

Combined: They’re a Killer

Heroin is a powerful, illegal opioid drug on its own. Today, heroin dealers often combine it with fentanyl, multiplying its potency—and also its life-threatening dangers. Buying heroin on the street is a roll-of-the-dice. A user can never really know the precise make-up or strength of the drug they’re using.

If you’re fearful that you or a loved one have developed a fentanyl or heroin addiction, seek help immediately. Speak confidentially with a counselor now. Make the call. (888) 837-6577.

Here’s what you need to know—

  • Fentanyl is between 30 to 50 times more powerful than heroin
  • Drug pushers often mix fentanyl with heroin without buyers’ knowledge, which only increases their potency and danger, often with lethal consequences
  • There is an opioid epidemic sweeping the nation. Stories of heroin abuse, addiction and overdoses are in the headlines every day
  • It is an equal-opportunity killer, impacting the wealthy, the poor, the prominent and the obscure

The sooner a drug problem is identified, the faster a person can begin reclaiming their life through a comprehensive inpatient treatment program.

It’s important to recognize abuse, dependence or addiction don’t happen in a vacuum. The path to recovery and wholeness involves getting to the root the problem.

To get at underlying hurt and bring lasting healing takes a holistic—spirit, mind and body—approach to addiction diagnosis, management and treatment.

At Honey Lake Clinic, we understand that substance abuse is a complex and dangerous mental health concern, affecting not only the one in its grip, but also others. Our experienced staff, licensed therapists, psychologists, and psychiatric specialists, strongly believe that faith-based treatment, encompassing mind, body and spirit, will provide you with the long-lasting tools and knowledge to find freedom from substance abuse.

A beautiful and tranquil 1300-acre lakeside setting, a safe medical environment, 24-hour nursing, doctors and psychiatric specialists, all administering care from a Christian worldview and perspective—

Honey Lake Clinic is a unique solution in Christian mental health.

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