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Christian Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Rehab for Christians

In just 3 short years, Honey Lake Clinic has risen to the top of the list of Christian residential drug rehab centers in America. How have we done it? While many rehabs offer faith-based content as a treatment track or elective, Honey Lake Clinic is a Christ-centered rehabilitation treatment program. Christianity is not an elective we offer; rather it is who we are.

If you are struggling with addiction, Honey Lake Clinic will help you reclaim your life and achieve your God -given potential through Bible-based, addiction recovery and psychological care, administered by licensed and experienced experts.

Rehabilation Center for Christians Struggling with Drugs

Why Christian drug rehab as opposed to secular programs? Addiction doesn’t occur in a vacuum. People often begin to use and start to abuse substances as a way of self-medicating a deeper hurt. In order for real healing to take place, these casual and contributing factors must be addressed. Recognizing that we are complex beings—mind, body and spirit—any approach which fails to address all three areas in recovery comes up short.

The connection between mind, body and spirit are pretty easily recognizable. You’ve likely noticed that when something troubles you mentally or emotionally you begin to feel it physically—your heart races, you become restless and cannot sleep or you lose your appetite, for instance. As these physical symptoms are manifest, your mental and emotional ability to think about and process what troubles you is negatively impacted. Conversely, when your mind and spirit are at peace, you are more relaxed physically, happier, kinder, and more grateful.

Holistic healing and recovery at Honey Lake Clinic treat all three different levels:

Using therapy and medication, if needed, in meeting the physical aspects of addiction and withdrawal, re-circuiting or renewing your mind.

Addressing underlying struggles and teaching the decision-making skills necessary to help you cope with them.

Helping you grow closer to God, apply His truths, and discern His will for you.

Christian Drug Addiction Rehab Center

In just 3 short years, Honey Lake Clinic has grown to be recognized as the #1 Christian Mental Health Treatment and Addiction Recovery Program in the United States. At the heart of our residential treatment program is a Christ-centered therapeutic environment, community, curriculum, and structure. Not only is our program Christ-centered, all of our doctors, therapists, nurses and staff are Christians, administering care from a from a Christian worldview and perspective.

With so many rehabs out there claiming to be the best, what truly makes the difference in recovery? How do you know who to trust?

True stories of real-life transformation are a great place to start. Click here to read testimonials of Honey Lake Clinic rehab clients and their families. What are people who have been through our program saying? How is their recovery going? Would they recommend Honey Lake Clinic to you?

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"God reached into the abyss-the darkness I was inn at the depth of my addiction-and showed me that He is real, and that He is there. I'd tried so many programs. In the end, it wasn't a program that was my breakthrough, it was God's love." —Sean, Eufaula, AL

The Honey Lake Clinic Difference
The Honey Lake Clinic Difference

Best Christian Drug Rehabilitation Programs

They say the first step—recognizing you need help—is the hardest. The second step—detox and withdrawal—is no picnic. The best Christian drug rehab programs offer the highest caliber of care from these initial steps all the way through the recovery process, including aftercare.

Substance abuse and dependency are at least partially defined by their physical aspects. These include changes in brain chemistry that lead to cravings when consumption ceases. As you get sober, the cravings will gradually decrease in intensity until they are no longer much of a factor.

Physical cravings can cause a relapse in the early stages of recovery, before they begin to decline in their severity. But psychological cravings are an entirely different matter. These powerful urges are triggered by life circumstances and events that never completely lose their ability to provoke a response. These are triggers—and you’ll benefit from education, counseling and therapy to reframe your understanding of these triggers and gain the skills necessary to manage them.

Detox and withdrawal are infamous for being very uncomfortable experiences, physically and psychologically. The severity of your detox and withdrawal experience can include many variables. Certainly, the substances you’ve used and for how long will have a lot to do with it. Having experienced professionals to help you through the process offers you your safest and best path to success.

Honey Lake Clinic is the perfect place to take your initial steps in the lifelong process of recovery.

Check into a Christian Based Drug Rehabilitation Facility

With experienced providers, nurses and caregivers to assist you through the difficult detox process, proven holistic treatment for addiction, encompassing mind, body and spirit, providing you with the long-lasting tools and knowledge you need to break addiction’s grip, and with a spectacular array of comforts and amenities to meet your needs, Honey Lake Clinic is the perfect place to take your first steps in the lifelong process of recovery.

What will your Christ-Centered
treatment include?

What will your Christ-Centered treatment include?


Step 1
You will be assessed upon admission. Your addiction behavior frequency, thoughts, fears, eating patterns, body weight, motivation to recover, and self-efficacy will all be measured.


Step 1
Next, you can schedule an individual session to meet with our Certified Nutrition Coach to assess your nutrition and craft an individualized take-home meal plan including recipes and shopping lists. This plan will be tailored to meet your specific goals and needs ranging from mindful eating to weight management taking into consideration dietary exclusions/allergies.
Nutrition plans vary for each patient based on balancing macro & micronutrients to fuel the body with proper nutrients to rejuvenate cells and tissues for optimal health and healing.


Step 1
Then, you will meet individually with your therapist and your Certified Nutrition Coach three times a week. You’ll attend five process group sessions per week. Process group sessions are led by your therapist and Certified Nutrition Coach, and cover various topics such as psycho-education, body image, nutrition and metabolism, cooking and eating experientials, and intuitive, mindful eating approaches.

True Stories of Real Transformation

Watch how chains were broken and lives have been changed!

“God opened me up in a way to say, I got into your soul, and here it is. Here is what it feels like and I will forever be grateful and take that forward.”

“I feel right now I have the opportunity to finish my life exceptionally well, that I did not believe was possible before I came here.”

“Honey Lake has given me the ability to sit back and think about who God really says I am.”

The Honey Lake: Christian Drug Rehab Center

Each adolescent patient at Honey Lake Clinic follows a course of treatment developed specifically for her needs. Charity Schramm, LHMC, MCAP, the Clinical Director of Honey Lake Clinic’s Adolescent Program explains:

“What we do here in the adolescent program is similar to what we do in the adult program at Honey Lake Clinic, but tailored to the very specific needs of girls between the ages of 13 and 17. Of course there is a strong educational component because these girls come to us while they are students in school, but the holistic approach is the same—our goal is to help girls grow spiritually, emotionally and physically.”

Our experienced staff, licensed therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists recognize effective treatment requires a faith-based approach, treating the entire self: mind, body, and spirit. This holistic approach offers our patients hope for a healthy and bright future.

We offer a Christian-based, customized treatment plan, support from dedicated staff, ample time to reflect, and numerous self-care activities.

You’ll benefit from Honey Lake’s—

The Honey Lake Clinic Difference

Integration of a Bible-based approach and sound psychological principles

The Honey Lake Clinic Difference

Experienced, compassionate, and highly trained clinical staff

The Honey Lake Clinic Difference

Individualized treatment with a low caseload of patients per therapist

The Honey Lake Clinic Difference

Practical curriculum focused on decision-making mechanics and skills

The Honey Lake Clinic Difference

Emphasis on holistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit

If you or someone you love has an eating disorder and you don’t know where to turn, we can help. Call today.

Honey Lake Clinic is the only residential adolescent treatment program in the United States that incorporates Christian values and delivers top-notch mental health and medical care.

Christian Rehab Center for Drug Abuse

All that said, Honey Lake Clinic looks and
feels nothing like a hospital.

Residential treatment at Honey Lake offers a serene
2200-acre lakeside resort setting, complete with a
variety of world-class amenities.

All that said, Honey Lake Clinic
looks andfeels nothing like a

Residential treatment at Honey
Lake offers a serene 2200-acre
lakeside resort setting, complete
with a variety of world-class

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