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What is Christian Drug Rehab?

Below is a detailed description of our Christian Drug Rehab Programs with Faith Based Addiction Recovery Treatment Programs at Honey Lake Clinic in Florida.

Christian Drug Rehab, Fatith Based Addiction Recovery

Christian Drug Rehab with Honey Lake Clinic

Are you looking into a faith-based rehab center for you or someone you love? Faith-based rehab has helped thousands of people achieve sobriety, better health, spiritual growth, and deeper relationships with the people they love.

In this article, we’re going to consider the different types of faith-based rehab programs, how they work, where they’re located, and which are most effective. We’ll also answer many of the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs related to faith-based rehab and recovery.


The Benefits of Faith Based Rehab

Many evidence-based studies point to faith as playing a significant role in substance abuse prevention and recovery. In addition to being a physiological and psychological disease, addiction often carries a spiritual component. Faith-based recovery is beneficial because it treats the physiological, psychological and spiritual components.

Substance use and addiction don’t happen in a vacuum. Getting to the heart of matters, those things which trigger and or contribute to our desires to self-medicate is key in lasting and life-transforming recovery.

Faith-based programs recognize the truth in Jesus’ words: “First clean the inside of the cup and the dish, then the outside will also be clean” (Matt. 23:26).

Three Benefits of Faith-Based Recovery:

  • Motivates Recovery
    Substance use and addiction don’t occur in a vacuum. Faith-based rehab puts God in the center of your recovery. Faith-based treatment brings a deeper awareness of God’s presence, love, grace, healing and strength to the battle for your sobriety.
  • Decreased Risk of Relapse
    Although substance use and addiction does not discriminate, studies have shown faith can play a meaningful role in addressing longings and reducing the risk of relapse.
  • Fosters Holistic Life Changes
    Abstaining from substance use is only one piece of the recovery process. Recovery requires life changes—in lifestyle, thoughts and behavior. Faith speaks to these components in a very meaningful way. Believing God exists, cares, and has a plan for your life and future provides a context for a healthier path forward.

How does Christian faith-based drug rehab work?

Faith and spirituality can be powerful forces in your recovery, and a connection with Christ can help you heal from the inside out.

Studies have demonstrated that people in recovery often show greater levels of faith and spirituality than those who relapse. This makes sense because faith-based treatment goes beyond the substance to the heart of the matter. Typically, an addict has turned to substance use as an attempt to self-medicate and/or escape from something else. While there are very real chemical changes in our minds and bodies which occur as a result of dependence, substance abuse starts primarily as a heart issue, driving the mind and then the body to addiction.

Where are Christian Drug Rehab Centers located?

Christian drug rehab centers offer interventions based largely on Christian principles. Many offer traditional 12-step programs. Others are based more directly on Biblical/Christian principles. The advantage of Christian Residential Treatment programs is that they allow the person to be in a 24-hour residential program that provides intense round-the-clock treatment in order to promote optimal change.

While there are many different faith-based rehab centers across the country, Honey Lake Clinic in Greenville, FL, has been recognized as the #1 Faith-Based Rehab Program in the United States. This isn’t by accident. Whereas many rehabs offer faith and spirituality as an elective or addendum to their rehabilitative programming, Christianity is central to what we do at Honey Lake Clinic.

At the heart of Honey Lake Clinic’s residential treatment program is a faith-based, Christ-centered therapeutic environment, community, curriculum, and structure. Honey Lake’s entire staff administers care from a Christian worldview and perspective. This is not to the exception of evidence-based treatment and therapies, but rather the foundation for them.

Honey Lake Clinic exists to help our patients achieve their God-given potential and live a fully transformed life of joy, peace, forgiveness, freedom, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment through world-class Christian Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Program for Christians

They say the first step—recognizing you need help—is the hardest. The second step—detox and withdrawal—is no picnic. The best Christian drug rehab programs offer the highest caliber of care from these initial steps all the way through the recovery process, including aftercare.

Substance abuse and dependency are at least partially defined by their physical aspects. These include changes in brain chemistry that lead to cravings when consumption ceases. As you get sober, the cravings will gradually decrease in intensity until they are no longer much of a factor.

Physical cravings can cause a relapse in the early stages of recovery before they begin to decline in their severity. But psychological cravings are an entirely different matter. These powerful urges are triggered by life circumstances and events that never completely lose their ability to provoke a response. These are triggers—and you’ll benefit from education, counseling, and therapy to reframe your understanding of these triggers and gain the skills necessary to manage them.

Detox and withdrawal are infamous for being very uncomfortable experiences, physically and psychologically. The severity of your detox and withdrawal experience can include many variables. Certainly, the substances you’ve used and for how long will have a lot to do with it. Having experienced professionals to help you through the process offers you your safest and best path to success.

Christian Drug Rehab Center

Many addiction recovery programs focus only on what can be addressed from a medical and psychological perspective. Research, however, continues to show us that spirituality positively influences recovery in many ways. Although this is well known, and medical and behavioral health professionals have been saying addictions are holistic illnesses that need holistic treatment for years, a majority of programs still refuse to look to God in the healing process.

What makes an addiction recovery program Christian? Much more than using religious nomenclature—terms like faith and spirituality, for instance—the important question to ask is, to what extent does this faith or spirituality figure into your care? Is faith an addendum to treatment, or is it core?

Addiction Recovery Programs for Christians

Christians are just as prone to temptation and sin as anyone else. Struggling with addiction can be one of the most difficult experiences you can go through. Shame, regrets, guilt, and hopelessness come part and hand-in-hand with addiction. And while addiction is painful for everyone, for Christians the struggle can be especially devastating—a crisis of faith, conscience, and sin.

Because lying is often part-and-parcel to addiction, one of the most difficult struggles for a Christian addict is confronting their dishonesty and duplicity. Christian addicts often live a double life, one they present to their church friends and family, and another they keep hidden.

The shame and guilt caused by addiction can be especially intense for a Christian. It’s hard enough not living the life you want to live, let alone knowing that you are not living the life God intended for you. This brings a uniquely powerful sense of shame, hopelessness, and resignation.

In Christian faith-based rehabs, the doctors, nurses, therapists and staff are Christians who understand these struggles. They also understand the Lord Jesus Christ reveals God’s love, mercy, grace and strength in our lives as we struggle.

Christian Drug Addiction Recovery Treatment

A true Christian addiction recovery program is a program that is Christ-centered. One in which the entire staff administers care from a Christian worldview and perspective. This is not to the exception of evidence-based treatment, but rather the foundation for it.

As a Christian addict, the first step towards your recovery is honesty, with yourself and with God. Realizing that your addiction doesn’t make you any less of a Christian, you can accept that you are powerless to fight your destructive impulses and bring your struggle to God for help. You don’t need to hide, anymore. You can begin the journey towards health and wholeness, and lasting recovery today.

Recovery Treatment for Christian Addicts

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, alcohol and substance abuse should be treated as any other chronic disease, since they require long-term monitoring, medications, and medical attention. Most addiction rehab centers feel cold and sterile. Very few offer truly Christ-centered care.

While there are many different Christian rehab centers across the country, some more effective than others, Honey Lake Clinic in Greenville, FL, is really the first Christian Mental Health Treatment and Addiction Recovery Program of its kind in the United States. At the heart of Honey Lake Clinic’s residential treatment program is a Christ-centered therapeutic environment, community, curriculum, and structure.

Consider a few of Honey Lake Clinic’s patient testimonies, true stories of real transformation:
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Top Programs for Christians Struggling with Addiction

Recognizing you need help is the first step toward recovery. Figuring out which program is right for you and making the call is the second. It is important for you to seek out a treatment professional for a thorough diagnosis and assistance in addressing your addiction.

The dedicated staff at Honey Lake Clinic understand that faith-based treatment, encompassing your spiritual, physical and mental health, will provide you with the long-lasting tools and knowledge you need to break addiction’s grip.

Honey Lake’s experienced staff, licensed therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists recognize effective treatment requires a faith-based approach, treating the entire self: mind, body, and spirit. This holistic approach offers our patients hope for a healthy and bright future.

You don’t have to face this alone. Addiction doesn’t have to have the last word. Call Honey Lake Clinic to speak with someone who not only cares … but also understands what you are going through.

Christian Faith Based Rehab FAQs

How much does rehab cost?

A lot of variables go into the price of specific rehab programs. But here’s the most important part of the answer: Whatever the monetary cost of rehab, the price of not getting help with an addiction is much greater. The dangers of addiction, untreated, will exact far higher costs. You can find a rehab option that will work within your life and budget. Whatever you do, don’t let concern over cost talk you out of getting the help you need.

How to Pay for Drug Rehab Without Insurance?

If you or someone you love desperately needs drug rehab and you don’t have health insurance, you are not alone—and you are not without options. There are other means available to help you to cover the cost of treatment. Many programs offer scholarships or financing options to help people cover rehab costs without insurance or financial hardship.

What Happens After Drug Rehab?

Completing a rehab program is a major accomplishment and worthy of celebration. The recovery process is a lifelong journey and rehab is only the first step in getting and staying sober. Transitioning from a rehab program back into your everyday life poses several challenges. Rehab programs which offer effective aftercare ensure continuity of care, providing resources and support to facilitate your continued growth and progress.

How to Tell if You Need to Go to Rehab?

Deep down, most people know when they have a problem with substance use or addiction. If you find yourself wondering, “is this normal?” when it comes to your substance use, chances are it’s probably not. If loved ones are concerned, if your substance use has caused you difficulties with responsibilities at home, school, or work, with responsibilities, or has cause you or others harm, it’s time to take an honest assessment of your lifestyle or habits … and get help.

How Do You Get Someone You Love to Rehab?

You’ve heard people speak of addiction assuming the alcoholic has to “hit rock bottom” before they’ll accept treatment. You never hear that sentiment expressed where any other illness is concerned. Can you imagine addressing cancer or diabetes, saying, “We will wait until they hit rock bottom and then we can get some live-saving treatment for them.” Presented in the same caring way, with the specific benefits and the risks of not receiving treatment lovingly spelled out, addicts will often choose treatment before rock bottom arrives.

Does Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 stipulates that insurance companies cannot discriminate against or deny coverage to individuals with substance use disorders. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 classified mental health and addiction services as essential health benefits. This means your insurance company has to treat mental health and substance abuse treatment the same way they treat regular health treatment needs. That said, every insurance company has a different coverage plans which can be tailored to the individual’s needs. Depending on the state you live in and your health plan, you can find out what services are covered.

What is Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment?

Simply put, evidence-based addiction therapy uses treatment approaches, strategies, and components that are strongly supported by real evidence—accepted science, data, statistics, clinical judgement, and proven success.

Why Choose Christian Drug Rehab as Opposed to Secular Programs?

Why Christian drug rehab as opposed to secular programs? Addiction doesn’t occur in a vacuum. People often begin to use and start to abuse substances as a way of self-medicating a deeper hurt. In order for real healing to take place, these casual and contributing factors must be addressed. Recognizing that we are complex beings—mind, body and spirit—any approach which fails to address all three areas in recovery comes up short.

How to Check into a Faith Based Rehab?

The first step on your recovery journey was making the decision to get help. The next step is getting started on your path to health and wholeness. We understand that seeking treatment and starting the admissions process can be intimidating. At Honey Lake Clinic, our experienced staff and admission teams are set up to walk you through the entire treatment process, admission to discharge and into our aftercare network.

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