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Top Ten Questions to Ask a Rehab Center

If you or a loved one needs treatment for an addiction there are many questions to ask. To help you bridge the gap between thinking about treatment and getting treatment, we’ve listed ten important questions you can ask—

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1 – What kind of detox does the rehab center you’re considering offer?
The obvious first step is stopping the substance use. What process does the rehab center you’re considering offer? Do offer clients medically assisted detox? Supervised detox? What does your loved one need? Is it a good match?<

2 – What type of care does the rehab center offer?
Typically, the first decision on type of care is inpatient versus outpatient. Do they offer inpatient care? What is involved in the way of meals, lodging and around the clock care? Do they offer outpatient care? What does that look like? Where is it located? And again, what will be best for your loved one? Is this a fit?

3 – Is there a faith component in the treatment they offer?
This question is very important. At Honey Lake Clinic, we strongly believe faith-based treatment, encompassing your spiritual, physical and mental health, provides people with the long-lasting tools and knowledge needed to break alcohol’s grip. While many programs give lip service to spirituality or divine power, Honey Lake Clinic helps people re-engage their faith and spirituality as an integral part of recovery, health and wholeness.

4 – Are medical and psychiatric evaluation and treatment for co-existing or underlying conditions a part of the program?
Like the faith component, addressing the physical and psychological elements to addiction and recovery are vitally important. Does the program you’re considering offer holistic care which encompasses mind, body and spirit?

5 – Is there opportunity for my loved one to learn life skills?
Addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Many of the factors which have contributed to the addiction will be waiting to confront you when treatment is complete. As part of a holistic approach, mind, body and spirit, learning and practicing like skills which will lead to better decision making is imperative to recovery.

6 – What are their credentials?
Licensed and experienced caregivers offer expertise that balances textbook and real life. Are the caregivers licensed or masters level and above? In what fields of study are their degrees? Their specialties? How long have they been in this field? What have they seen? What have they encountered? Often, a good litmus test is how comfortable the staff makes you feel as you’re speaking with them.

7 – What amenities does the facility offer for your loved one?
This one may sound like its less important. Don’t misunderstand—amenities in rehab can serve the larger purpose of recovery and health. What does your loved one need to feel more comfortable while he or she works on conquering this addiction? A nature walk, a swim in a pool, a workout in the gym, nutrition—the list can be lengthy.

8 – How many days is the program and what is the usual length of stay?
Is it a 30-day program? A 90-day program? How long is an average stay? The answer to these questions can be important in your loved one achieving treatment success, but they can also have broader implications on life schedules and responsibilities, career, finances, costs, and more. What is in the best interest of your loved one?

9 – Will staff help my loved one incorporate a fallback plan as a part of relapse prevention?
The final step in rehab is the return home and relapse prevention. Your loved one will need post treatment support from you, other family members, their treatment team, and the recovery community. Your loved one should continue meeting with their therapists, and should get involved with a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous or Celebrate Recovery to further aid in their sobriety.

10 – How much does the program cost?
Many considerations need to go into this question and its answer. What does the program cost? Are there any hidden fees? Will a program work with my insurance? What are the co-pays and what goes towards my deductible? What periphery cost considerations are there? Missed work? Associated life costs?

Top Ten Questions to Ask a Rehab Center

We understand this can be overwhelming. We’d like to help you think through these questions and find the right answers. You can have a confidential conversation with a certified counselor, right now. Please call Honey Lake Clinic at (888) 837-6577.