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More about the Adolescent Program

What we do here in the adolescent program at Hazel House is similar to what we do in the adult program at Honey Lake Clinic but tailored to the very specific needs of girls between the ages of 13 and 17. We are a holistic program which means we will meet your teenager’s needs mentally, behaviorally, spiritually, and academically. We are here to help your teen pull all those things together.


More about the Adolescent Program

We have tremendous therapists on staff, and we have a lot of wonderful interns who help to ensure a lot of individual time is given to each of our patients. We also offer a lot of experiential therapy modalities; we have a lot of animals around Hazel House—cats, dogs, horses, pigs, chickens, and more. Art therapy and arts and crafts in general, have been very popular with the girls, too.

We work very closely with each girl’s family. Weekly family sessions with our family therapist focus on relationships within the family. Family members will be given homework, too, so that when her treatment is completed, we’re sending this adolescent home into a different and healthier environment for all.

Educationally, we try to work closely with each girl’s school (if the school will allow it) to keep her studies on track. Otherwise, we utilize curriculum developed by Liberty University and have an educator on site, in the classroom with the girls, to assist and direct her studies. Most of the girls in our program catch up with their studies and even begin to excel having that extra attention.

Exercise programs and movement are an important part of our program’s holistic approach. Physical activity and team experiences have been extremely beneficial—and enjoyable—for the teens in the program. Weekly horseback trail rides, swimming pool, hot tub, and other relaxing and recreational experiences on Hazel House’s beautiful and serene lakefront property serve to break up and compliment the girls’ therapeutic and academic schedules.

More about the Adolescent Program

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