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Parents will be able to interact with the patient in the following ways:

  • Phone/Video Chat: Patients will have access and time to contact parents (only) starting the 1st Sunday after admission and every Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday during their stay. This will always be determined by the primary therapist and the treatment team as to appropriateness within the treatment framework.
  • Tele-therapy: Patient will receive 3 therapy sessions per week, parents will be included in at least 1 session per week and may be included in all 3 sessions as determined by the primary therapist and treatment team.

In addition, parents will be in communication with the primary clinician no less than every 2 weeks with a designated time scheduled per patient for teleconference on Mondays. This time will be set aside to allow for updates, questions, and any concerns to be addressed. This is in addition to any urgent concerns that may be presented to the treatment team by the parents at any time during treatment. All urgent concerns will be addressed by the treatment team and/or the primary clinician within 24-48 hours.