The Benefits of Christian Mental Health Facilities

Many mental health facilities offer therapeutic care for clients battling behavioral, mood and mental health concerns. Choosing the right program for you is vitally important to your success.

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What Is Christian-Based Treatment?

Christian-based treatment is care rooted in Jesus Christ’s teachings, incorporating things like Biblical guidance, spiritual reflection and prayer as a part of your rehabilitation and counseling. The Christian tenets of love, grace, and mercy are vital components of Christ-centered care.

If you’ve come from a Christian background of if you are searching for a spiritual foundation as part of your treatment and recovery, a Christian-based treatment program will provide you with a safe and supportive, spiritually nurturing environment in which to heal.

How Faith-Based Treatment Differs from Secular Treatment

Behavioral, mood and mental health disorders can affect every area of your life. They can raise some very challenging questions about your identity, and the meaning and purpose of your life. Faith-based recovery options present a Christian perspective, offering spiritual dynamics and direction that are distinct from secular programs.

As a Christian, you might wonder how you’ll ever regain your spiritual focus in light of your struggles or addiction. Discovering or rediscovering God’s love and forgiveness will not only improve your relationship with God, it can be a first step in repairing your relationships with others.

Honey Lake Clinic holds the distinction of being named the #1 Christian Mental Health Program in the United States.

Christian treatment programs offer a unique advantage of being able to approach issues holistically based on three dimensions—body, mind and spirit. Many other approaches either neglect the spiritual dimension entirely or pay it lip-service in passing. A biblical understanding of how we’re made, as physical, psychological and spiritual beings, means all three of these dimensions play an important part in our health and happiness.

Benefits of Choosing Christian Treatment

  • Christian counselors recognize a higher authority. While many mental health professionals look to the latest trends and leading voices in psychology to find authority, Christian doctors, therapists and counselors know the inerrant word of God provides principles which lead clients to discover the abundant life Jesus spoke of in scripture.
  • Christian counseling accepts absolute truth. While some counselors encourage their clients to listen to the guidance of their hearts and do what they think is right, Christian counselors know the human heart can be deceitful. Christian counselors encourage you to apply the guiding principles and truths of God’s Word.
  • Christian counselors do not treat you as the product of impersonal chance. They recognize you as having been uniquely created by a loving, caring and healing God.
  • Christian counseling has a higher goal. While many counselors help their clients in a pursuit of happiness, Christian counselors want to help clients in their pursuit of God and a meaningful and purposeful life. God’s unconditional love, mercy, grace and forgiveness are freeing—both in our receiving them, and also in our extending them to others.
  • Christian counseling offers real healing. Secular counseling is limited in addressing deep emotional and spiritual wounds. Christian counseling can bring the client into a closer relationship with God where real healing can take place.
  • Christian counseling offers real hope. The Christian faith looks forward to a blessed hope—a wonderful eternity with God in heaven. There will be no pain and suffering there—only love, joy and peace. Gaining an eternal perspective, you will find hope for a beautiful and fulfilling life here and now.

Could you benefit from Christian Counseling? 

Christian Counseling can be a great help in overcoming addictions, dealing with mental health or mood disorders, navigating personal struggles, grief or loss, and healing marital and family issues. It is a great help in walking through this life’s challenges—a hopeful road to healing and change.

At Honey Lake Clinic, our experienced staff, licensed therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists believe a faith-based approach, addressing all three spheres of our being—body, mind and spirit—is key to life-transformation. We’re here to provide you with answers … and hope!

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